Front End Developer

In 2006 I began advertising my services as a rookie graphic designer on Craigslist. Twelve years later I was working on a cutting edge SaaS product for the United States Senate. From 2018 – 2021 I was a Sr. UI Developer on Capitol Hill. I currently work remotely for one of the nation’s largest banks.

My contracting experience with literally hundreds of companies has taught me a variety of things. One in particular — how to get things done. I’ve always taken the initiative. I’ve built a reputation for over delivering. Someone that plans and is very systematic. It’s the programmer mindset.

Taking the initiative has also led me on a path of discovery. Knowing who to ask for missing pieces. Then following those leads as far as they go. Collaborating with a variety of developers and stakeholders; with a thorough understanding of the development and design process, I always have questions. Questions that enhance team discussion and meeting participation.

I’ve made leaps and bounds over the years. Graphic design to motion graphics. Static web pages and vast interactive ad campaigns to single page applications. CMS solutions to data driven UIs with hundreds of components—all communicating with one another. Now, I write unit tests, work with Spring, Node JS, and Mongo.

Beyond work, I make time to do what I love. Photography, traveling, and spending time outdoors. I enjoy cruising around Newport and Huntington Beach on my silent but quick, electric scooter. I post my photos on Flickr and always thinking about my next travel adventure.