Four different types of graphs resembling UI website examples.

Website Examples

August 31, 2023 E. Scott 1

Multiple website examples showcasing heavy frontend development. Backend, and security; concept financial app, a software company, and more.

Diagram of circles and lines meant indicative of routing in Angular.

Routing in Angular

August 26, 2023 E. Scott 0

Angular routing, and child routing done with modules. Check out the code, see how it’s done, and apply it to your next project.

JavaScript Drag and Drop

August 21, 2023 E. Scott 1

Javascript drag and drop is no easy feat. Check out this fully functional drag/ drop UI with unique events, a JSON import and more.

Angular Slider

August 11, 2023 E. Scott 0

Fully dynamic Angular slider component with a JSON import and other misc neat UI features. Quickly integrate and customize.

REST Countries API supplying list of countries on the left with the map on the right. Selected country data in panel.

Rest Countries API App

August 2, 2023 E. Scott 0

REST Countries API app demonstrates getting mock data and plotting it on a Leaflet map. Seamlessly integrated w/ Angular.