October 29, 2023 E. Scott 1

OMDB’s API bundled into a neat and responsive app. Grab an API key and get started. Explore the code, and begin making calls right away.

Space ring with a turquoise glow surrounded by stars. Built for front end development experimentation.

NASA Photo of the Day API

October 17, 2023 E. Scott 1

Ping NASA’s servers to fetch the photo of the day. Grab an API key, explore the code, and begin making calls. Incorporates the date picker component.

D3 horizontal bar graph with X & Y axis defined and color bars

D3 Bar Chart

September 7, 2023 E. Scott 0

Learn how to create a responsive D3 bar chart. Prior knowledge of JavaScript certainly helps, but is not necessary.

Four different types of graphs resembling UI website examples.

Website Examples

August 31, 2023 E. Scott 0

Multiple website examples showcasing heavy frontend development. Backend, and security; concept financial app, a software company, and more.