React data table mobile and desktop with search and expandable rows.

React Data Table

December 15, 2023 E. Scott 0

React Data Table is a data driven table with search and expandable rows. Data is populated with a payload. Error handling, loading, and more.

JSON Web Tokens showing header, payload, and signature.

JWT Explained

December 12, 2023 E. Scott 0

Brief but thorough post on JSON Web Tokens. JWT Explained aims to clarify the nebulous meaning of thereof once and for all.


October 29, 2023 E. Scott 2

OMDB’s API bundled into a neat and responsive app. Grab an API key and get started. Explore the code, and begin making calls right away.

Space ring with a turquoise glow surrounded by stars. Built for front end development experimentation.

NASA Photo of the Day API

October 17, 2023 E. Scott 3

Ping NASA’s servers to fetch the photo of the day. Grab an API key, explore the code, and begin making calls. Incorporates the date picker component.