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Frontend Focused Website Examples

This is one of many website examples I built in full based on provided mocks. Though developed with native HTML5, CSS, and JS, it functions like a single page app. Every page uses numerous web components that persist or populate new data. At the time of deployment, it scored a 100% on a Google Speed Test. Highlights include an image gallery template that detects the page and populates the appropriate JSON data. I built a canvas particle animation on the home page followed by a product gallery which is a gallery of galleries. The website does not use libraries, packages or frameworks. As with most apps I develop, this too has a custom rigorous responsive system. A notable feature among my website examples. visit site

software company home page for website examples. Dark background with a neon reactor and white text.

Financial Dashboard Angular App

I was the lead Angular developer on this enormous web application. Also heavily frontend focused. It utilizes a tremendous amount of chart and UI components. With the help of an abundance of RxJS methods, data is loaded and shared in a variety of ways. Highlights include a custom built calendar component akin to Google Flights with start and end dates. The top tier navigation radically transforms itself in addition to every layout between screen sizes. The app contains over a dozen streams of JSON data. I managed the app while training two other developers. Guiding and rewriting their code throughout the process. visit site

Financial app concept with graphs and table data.
Financial app in the background and calendar in the foreground.

Angular Node App

This Angular Node app is an absolute monstrosity. It was both challenging and a fascinating experience. Login contains an onslaught of features. Including but not limited to a rigorous form validation UI on every form. Detailed and rapid error handling, password confirmation, and OTP in other areas. Users submit a caption for a cartoon. Can see the status of it in a profile; their location is automatically set and displayed on a map. Then shown adjacent to their approved or edited caption. User roles, dozens of endpoints, and extensive/ growing security features. It’s the furthest thing from a single page website.

Though all of these website examples are exceptionally well organized, this one perhaps takes the cake. All three tiers are malleable enough for rapid and seamless updates. It’s built in a “Jira ticket style” fashion in that every piece was strategically added.

Tech Blog

(Gotta Have WordPress Website Examples)

After years of developing a keen interest in data, AI, security, and modern technologies, I began writing about it. Each post is 1800 – 2500 words. I monitor security through a variety of methods. I’ve modified the template and plugins. Optimized numerous segments in a variety of ways and continue working on thereof. It’s allowed me to learn about AI, privacy, and security, while fulfilling my love of reading and writing. This year, I’m adding a tremendous amount of new content coupled with SEO. visit site

This WordPress site is of no lesser value then other website examples. Header with a post picture, title and date.

In Conclusion

I’m always working on something. Either a website, a new feature, or enhancing something that’s already built. These samples are but a few of the recent website examples I’ve built. Sometimes I create the entire site. Other times it’s based on a mock. Or refined by a client. Or I’m working on select features of a gargantuan website. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed these samples. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I’m always interested in feedback. Especially on website examples.

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